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 Welcome to the LIES EXPOSED! - Stop The BS! web site.    
The Internet is full of websites providing any type of information that you can imagine. This includes thousands of web sites on weight loss, diets, supplements, nutrition, health, and exercise to mention a few. ​With this vast amount of information, why would I need or want to write this book? Hasn't someone already provided this information? The answer is NO! You have an ocean of information but you are drowning in your efforts to lose weight and be healthy. How do you know what to believe, or which program or product to use? 

Many of these sites are created by educational institutions and people who are very highly educated in their field of expertise. These sites provide wonderful scientific information and have many great ideas concerning eating healthily and exercising. The problem is, their information is so detailed and specific that it is of little practical use. There is just no way that this information can be used to develop a reasonable diet plan for weight loss and health. Also, they only give you a snippet of information leading you to believe that is all you need to know. How do you know what snippets to believe, or which snippets you need to incorporate into your diet and health plan? Trying to sort through this information yourself is impossible. You don't know which bits of information are true or how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Although there are many good web sites, they are dwarfed by the enormous number of bad web sites. They are promoting their product or program, and are concerned about generating revenue, not making you healthy. Their information is skewed to fit their needs and is of no practical use. It also usually has nothing to do with reality. These sites lure you in, enticing you to engage in their program or purchase their product. Their advertisements are so inviting that they even make me feel like I should purchase their product or engage in their program. Sites include supplement, herb, natural medicine, diet programs and many similar ones.

NOW WHAT DO YOU DO? The internet is full of information but you don't know what the truth is or how to use this information in a comprehensive fashion to establish a reasonably healthy diet program. So you resort to fad diets and other programs that tell you what to do. This rarely results in establishing a long term healthy diet that will allow you to achieve your desired weight and maintain it for life.

Fortunately, I recognized this dilemma many years ago and that is why I wrote this book. Along the way, I thought that someone would provide this information before I could write my book, but this has not been the case. In fact, it is just the opposite. I see more and more products and programs being introduced with the scientific writers presenting their version of the facts.

My book exposes the lies, fallacies, useless and difficult to use information which is currently available either in print or on the internet. New information that is not talked about is also presented. This information is vital for anyone wanting to achieve a desired weight and be healthy. My book has been distilled from huge volumes of information providing the reader with just the facts you need to know without all of the unnecessary detail and confusing misconceptions. After reading either LIES EXPOSED! or Stop The BS!, you will understand why and how you are being deceived by diet programs, supplement manufacturers and exercise promoters. You will get a glimpse into why medicine has gone off on tangents and is so confused in its approach to the obesity epidemic. The real reason for the obesity epidemic will be revealed. The simple facts that you need to know along with a method of using this information to obtain your desired weight and be healthy, WITHOUT the use of diet programs or supplements are presented.

Are you tired of being deceived and wasting your time and money on useless products and dead end programs? Are you interested in being healthy and achieving and maintaining your desired weight? If the answer to these two questions is yes, this is a book that you MUST read. By the way, I do not have any products or programs to promote. As you will discover, they are all fallacies anyway. I am only providing pure knowledge which is all you need.

​To obtain a copy of LIES EXPOSED! or Stop The BS!, visit one of the locations that I have provided on the "Buy" page. Answers to your questions not answered by my book can be addressed on my BLOG page which is linked to this website. Other social media sites are also linked to this website where further comments and readers input can be found. I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.